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Alliance letter to Premier David Eby

BC’s Clean Energy plan means negative impacts that will be ‘larger for Indigenous people given pre-existing and long-standing income gap issues.

Photo: MP Charlie Angus

Karen Ogen: MP’s bill is ‘reprehensible’

Charlie Angus’s proposed ban on oil and gas promotion revives paternalistic treatment of Indigenous peoples; he should withdraw it and apologize.

LNG jobs and business

To explore information on LNG jobs, and doing business, and possibilities with potential employers and contractors, here are some useful pages:

MT @Events_N2N: Meet Day 1 Keynote speaker at our N2N Women's Gathering, Dr. Amy Parent. Hear about her life's journey, when she speaks in Prince Rupert April 25. Register at

MT @IRN_Indigenous: IRN is excited to announce the addition of three new board members. Please join us in welcoming Michael Fox, Tracy Buffalo, and Miles Jolliffe. Learn more:


#LNGCanada, with Bird Construction and Stantec, begins Monday March 4 on an environmental maintenance program at the Kitimat River Side Channel. They will clear debris and dredge sediment.

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