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Photo: Karen Ogen
Karen Ogen, CEO, First Nations LNG Alliance

Canadian LNG is Indigenous LNG

LNG is a unique opportunity for First Nations, and is good for the world. This from a speech by Alliance CEO Karen Ogen. . . .

Graphic: Canadian LNG is Indigenous LNG

Blog: LNG scenarios are not forecasts

Theoretical LNG ‘scenarios’ are not ‘forecasts.’ But LNG opponents present them as predictions, forecasts, outlooks, or simply ‘facts.’

LNG jobs and business

To explore information on LNG jobs, and doing business, and possibilities with potential employers and contractors, here are some useful pages:

RT @CDNEnergyCentre: Reliable energy is critically important for remote communities in northern Canada. Learn how a recently approved compressed #naturalgas facility in the Northwest Territories is a key step to improving energy security:

Canada’s clean-energy sector is forecast to grow 58% by 2030. And it must include #Indigenous consent, Indigenous governance, and options for Indigenous ownership in projects: Report and recommendations from @FNMPC & @mokwateh #cdnpoli #fnpoli

World #LNG News
• European Commission expected to propose new sanctions on Russian LNG:
• China's March LNG imports were up 11%:
• Proposed Texas LNG plant has pre-sold over half its output:

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