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Resource development? ‘Build the plan’ WITH affected First Nations. And don’t be afraid of UNDRIP.

Looking for opportunities in the LNG field?

Looking for opportunities in the LNG field?

To explore information on jobs, and possibilities with potential employers and contractors, here are some useful pages:

Key LNG Websites

LNG Canada
Coastal GasLink Pipeline Project
Woodfibre LNG
BC Government LNG regulatory
Kitimat LNG
Cedar LNG


World LNG Watch: RT @LNGWN: Volkswagen on Wednesday welcomed its first #LNG-fuelled car carrier in the US port of Davisville, Rhode Island. http://ow.ly/zB4y30qVwyL

The #LNG industry has a remarkable safety record in its shipping: Since 1964, almost 100,000 cargoes have been safely delivered without loss. #LNGinBC #bcpoli

MT @BCOGC: We regulate 47,066 km of pipelines in BC.The majority carry natural gas (80%). Our compliance and enforcement team works to protect public safety and safeguard the environment.

Energy for Tomorrow: Six reasons why #naturalgas is a key part of the #energy mix of the future: http://bit.ly/2YHJgF5

RT @Resource_Works: The #CoastalGasLink pipeline in BC: 'This is going to be a showcase for the rest of the world to follow.'

Who We Are

Karen Ogen-Toews

To act as an advocate on behalf of First Nations. In order to do this we provide research and in-depth insight into the many issues and concerns surrounding LNG development in BC. We also seek to connect people with resources, information, support and materials to inform themselves and their members.

Our Purpose

The Purpose of the FNLNGA

The Alliance is working to:

  • Increase positive LNG dialogue in First Nations communities
  • Communicate First Nations messages directly to First Nations audiences
  • Communicate balanced LNG information
  • Provide a venue for pro-development nations to interact, share knowledge and resources
  • Discuss environmental issues and priorities.

Our Mandate

The Mandate of the FNLNGA

The First Nations LNG Alliance is a collective of First Nations who are participating in, and supportive of, sustainable and responsible LNG development in BC.

The Alliance has been formed to provide education and information to, and for, First Nations interested in LNG and natural gas projects, and their benefits.