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Montney map

Blog: Montney leads the way

The Montney natural-gas play in B.C. and Alberta continues to dominate drilling activity, production, and growth in gas reserves.

Woodfibre LNG site

Newsletter: Woodfibre LNG project picks up pace; and more . . .

Britain’s BP Gas Marketing has locked up all of Woodfibre LNG’s future production. And work starts in China on Woodfibre modules.

LNG jobs and business

To explore information on LNG jobs, and doing business, and possibilities with potential employers and contractors, here are some useful pages:

Monday: Hear energy expert Vaclav Smil on balancing the economy and the environment. Reality: 'For decades, it will be impossible to adequately feed the planet without using fossil fuels as sources of energy and raw materials.’ Secure your ticket:

MT @Events_N2N: We'll kick off with our Welcome Reception at 3pm on Oct. 17 at Thornhill Community Centre at Terrace BC, when attendees will check in. Do register at ​​

From WorkBCKitimat, the latest 46 job openings on the #LNGCanada project. Learn more and apply online line at #LNGinBC #bcpoli #fnpoli

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