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What impact are LNG and pipeline projects having on First Nations along the CGL/LNGCanada route? Take our survey, please.

LNG making progress in BC

Our blog: We look at how our LNG projects are moving ahead, despite a critic’s insistence that ‘there is no market for LNG.’

Join us for an outreach session May 17

Join us Monday May 17 to explore the role and work of the First Nations LNG Alliance — and further outreach topics. It’s free.

Looking for opportunities in the LNG field?

To explore information on LNG jobs, and doing business, and possibilities with potential employers and contractors, here are some useful pages:

RT @IRN_Indigenous: If you are #Indigenous and involved in the resource sector as an entrepreneur, worker or community leader, connect with Brayden and share your journey and perspective!

Will you join us Monday May 17, noon to 1:15pm PDT, to find out about our Diversity and Inclusion Outreach program?
Info and register (free):

MT @GECF_News: #DYK: Fossil fuels will maintain a leading role in the global energy mix, accounting for 71% in 2050. Prospects for eco-friendly natural gas in land and marine transport look exciting.

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