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Photo: Bernardine Coleman
Bernardine Coleman, O’Chiese Nation

Alliance welcomes new member

The newest member is the O’Chiese First Nation, who number approximately 1,600 and reside near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

Karen Ogen, Alliance CEO

Blog: Countries want our LNG. Why block it?

Seven countries want our LNG. What is achieved by Canada blocking it, while other nations will just fill the gap with higher-emission LNG, and coal?

LNG jobs and business

To explore information on LNG jobs, and doing business, and possibilities with potential employers and contractors, here are some useful pages:

From @Events_N2N: The N2N Women’s Gathering offers 'Additional Events.' They include private shopping at local shops, and a 1½-hour guided trolley tour around Prince Rupert.
Register here: Look for 'Additional Events’ to register for the events above.

#WoodfibreLNG shares its gender and cultural safety strategy: @SquamishChief #bcpoli #fnpoli #LNGinBC

World LNG News
• Sanctions threaten Moscow's Arctic LNG projects:
• US oil, gas, wind and solar should set records in 2024:
• TotalEnergies, No. 3 in LNG, says gas is necessary in the energy transition:

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