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Our guide to benefit agreements

Check out our Guide to Benefit Agreements. It’s designed to help First Nations sort through the ins and outs and 16 critical issues around Benefit Agreements:

Blog: After LNG’s wild spot market?

After current record prices for LNG, pushed by the post-pandemic energy crisis, we look for stability and rosy hopes for LNG exports from BC.

New date: Outreach session: Women in the trades

NEW DATE: Our online session, now on Nov. 3, explores whether women are getting the opportunity to enter careers in LNG and other areas. And the help?

Looking for opportunities in the LNG field?

To explore information on LNG jobs, and doing business, and possibilities with potential employers and contractors, here are some useful pages:

Wednesday Nov. 3, our next Outreach session will discuss Women in the Trades. Are women getting the job opportunities in LNG, natural gas, pipelines and other areas? Join us Nov. 3, noon to 1:15pm PDT.

World #LNG Watch:
• China signs huge LNG deals with US supplier:
• Mitsubishi sets US$17.5B net-zero plan, but will keep investing in #LNG:
• Charter rates for LNG carriers soar to US$260,000 a day:

RT @Energy_Citizens: Cleaner burning natural gas from Canada could have prevented this: 'China tells mines to produce 'as much coal as possible.' #LNGinBC #cdnpoli #bcpoli

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