Alliance applauds BC support for LNG

First Nations LNG Alliance applauds BC support for LNG

British Columbia’s First Nations LNG Alliance gave thumbs-up Thursday  to BC’s new “level playing field” for LNG development.

“A positive and welcome move,” said Alliance CEO Karen Ogen-Toews, as BC announced what it called “a revised fiscal framework that is designed to put natural gas development on a level playing field with other industrial sectors.”

Said Ogen-Toews: “We were especially pleased to see the new framework speaks explicitly of BC’s ’s commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and promises to ‘respect and make partners of B.C. First Nations.’

She added that while the provincial government’s announcement focused on the proposed LNG Canada project in Kitimat, Premier John Horgan made it clear that this framework applies to all other potential LNG projects.

“Whether it’s one project or several,” said Ogen-Toews, “it means increased opportunity for First Nations. It means training. It means jobs. It means security for families. It means revenues. And it means a positive chance for for First Nations to tackle poverty and social issues.”

The First Nations LNG Alliance is a collective of First Nations who are participating in, and supportive of, sustainable LNG development in BC.

Ogen-Toews added: “Another important point is that the new government framework speaks of protecting our air, and land, and water.

“We believe that the LNG industry can achieve a suitable balance between the economy and the environment. This means the world to us, as First Nations have been stewards of the environment in BC for thousands and thousands of years.”

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(Posted here 22 March 2018)