First Nations LNG Alliance Newsletter 15 – Chief Crystal Smith: Video interview


Crystal Smith, chief councillor of the Haisla Nation and a director of our Alliance, was interviewed at length by host Stuart McNish of Oh Boy Productions in Vancouver. Here are some of the things she discussed:

  • The potential benefits of LNG development:

“Every time I think about the programming that we could potentially offer, and the type of employment and capacity that we can offer, I get goose-bumps. It’s that tremendous, it’s that huge for our people.”

  • The environmental impact of LNG and gas-pipeline development:

“We’ve been working with LNG proponents since 2007, and on this file longer than that. We’ve done our due diligence. We are looking after our territory and what it offers. Environmental concerns aren’t at the back of our mind. They are the forefront.

“We tend not to focus on and speak about the environmental impacts, because as a First Nations, it’s always important. These projects will go away in approximately 40, 50 years, depending on what happens in the future. One thing’s for sure is that we won’t go anywhere. We will always be here.

“So when we say that we’re addressing our concerns in regards to environmental impacts, who better to do that than the people that will never leave? And that’s the Haisla.”

  • Chief Crystal also speaks in the interview of a tragedy in her personal life that underlines social problems faced by First Nations, and adds:

“It’s absolutely devastating when you see and live the realities of the First Nations community, and what we go through.”

  • And in that area, Chief Smith has a vision:

“We’ve set our direction in the Haisla perspective that we want to build a healthy, prosperous, powerful nation, and that means independent members. That means healing from our trauma; individual families, and as a community.

“When I see that beginning to take shape, I think about the other First Nations communities that are sharing the same common issues.

“And I’ve been, in the last two to three months, I’ve been getting that message out, that Haisla is willing to partner, Haisla is willing to speak about the common issues that we all share as First Nations people. And to be able to link our synergies, so that we can all accomplish a common goal.”

Watch the full interview here

Videos for you

Chief Crystal was interviewed by Stuart McNish, a former BCTV (Global TV) reporter, who heads Oh Boy Productions in Vancouver.

He’s shooting some videos for us, about LNG and First Nations in BC who support LNG. You can see some samples of his work on the External Videos page on our website. And more on his website:

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