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News release:

Clifford White (Nees Ma’Outa), the newest member of the board of directors of the First Nations LNG Alliance, is both a hereditary leader and an elected chief councillor of the Gitxaala Nation.

He is a lifelong facilitator and trainer, and has been involved for more than 10 years with the First Nations Court in New Westminster. He is an elder of the court. He also works with BC’s Aboriginal Family Healing Court project, a pilot program that deals with Indigenous children and families.

White is also chair of the First Nations Advisory Committee for the province of BC, and has worked with BC’s Industry Training Authority and trades unions on Indigenous workforce development, and to ensure that trades training for Indigenous people meets first-class standards.

“Chief Clifford has been a leader in many ways for many decades,” says Karen Ogen-Toews, CEO of the First Nations LNG Alliance. “He brings to us not just experience but also a strong voice for Indigenous people and Indigenous interests in BC.”

The Gitxaala number about 2,000 people, and have lived in the North Coast region of BC for more than 10,000 years, centred on today’s community of Kitkatla on Dolphin Island, southwest of Prince Rupert.

Chief White, 65, lives in Prince Rupert and Kitkatla.

He is co-chair of the Tsimshian Roundtable, a partnership of the six Tsimshian First Nations and LNG proponents in northwest BC. He has worked with the BC government on sustainability management on the North Coast, and has also been consulted by the government on sustainable aquaculture, and on Indigenous apprenticeships on public infrastructure projects.

The First Nations LNG Alliance is a collective of First Nations who are participating in, and supportive of, sustainable and responsible LNG development in BC.
















Posted here 04 November 2018

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