Looking for work (or business) in the LNG field?

“We want jobs!” — Archie Patrick, former chief councillor, Stellat’en Nation

First, please be aware that there is no central hiring or contracting agency. You need to apply to the individual companies and contractors.

It would be a good idea to get your applications and info submitted now, rather than waiting. And don’t be afraid to re-apply (and keep re-applying) if you had no luck earlier.

If you have questions about employment and business opportunities on the LNG Canada project, you can also drop by the JGC Fluor BCLNG JV Project Resource Centre in Kitimat. It’s open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (except for holidays) at 234 City Centre.

Please note: There is no spot hiring happening at this time, so be sure to have a position secured before coming to Kitimat.

To explore possibilities with potential employers and contractors, here below are some useful pages:

(This page was last updated on 29 May 2021. If you find any errors or outdated info, or good pages and contacts we have missed, please let us know so that we can update again: communications@fnlngalliance.com  Thank you. . . .)

LNG and pipeline developers

Coastal GasLink camp contractors

Camp contractor for the workers who will build the LNG Canada terminal at Kitimat:

Coastal GasLink key contractors, by section.

(For sections, please refer to the map at the bottom of this page)

Note that not all of these contractors below have job-and-career pages.

And jobs at TC Energy, parent of Coastal GasLink: https://jobs.tcenergy.com/

  • A special message from Coastal GasLink to skilled tradespeople: Are you a skilled tradesperson looking for work in northern BC? We’ve teamed up with the BC Construction Association and LNG Canada to offer Connect, a workforce development program. Visit http://ow.ly/ndN250EY9cP to connect with trades employment specialists and learn more.
  • Coastal GasLink’s general look at jobs and the skills and training requirements needed: http://bit.ly/2MapJY0

The Steelhead LNG project on Vancouver Island is on indefinite hold at this time:

Tips for job-seekers

BC Building Trades Unions training programs

More training and trades info

Student programs, Trans Canada/Coastal GasLink Pathway to Pipeline Readiness Program, partners:

  • Prince George Nechako Aboriginal and Training Association (PGNAETA) Gateway Training Centre. Phone: 1-800-510-0515. Web: http://www.pgnaeta.bc.ca
  • North East Native Advancing Society (NENAS): http://www.nenas.org
  • Tribal Resources Investment Corporation (TRICORP) Training to Employment Program: Phone: 1-800-665-3201. Web: http://www.tricorp.ca
  • Northwest Community College: Phone: 1-877-277-2288. Web: http://www.nwcc.bc.ca Trades Bursaries: Phone 250-638-5477 or email cgagnon@nwcc.bc.ca. Workforce Training Continuing Studies Bursaries: Phone 250-635-6511 or email hthickett@nwcc.bc.ca
  • College of New Caledonia: Phone 1-800-371-8111. Web: http://www.cnc.bc.ca Trades Bursaries: Phone 250-561-5838 or email finaid@cnc.bc.ca
  • Northern Lights College: Pathway to Pipeline Readiness and Dawson Creek Campus Trades Facility. Phone 1-866-463-6652. Web: http://www.nlc.bc.ca Bursaries Phone 250-784-7613 or email dkane@nlc.bc.ca
  • University of Northern BC: occupational health and safety officer program, Carrier Sekani scholarships. Phone 1-800-697-7388. Web: http://www.unbc.ca UNBC Awards Phone 250-960-6319 or email awards@unbc.ca

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