ISO: Contract videographer


The First Nations LNG Alliance seeks a videographer to conduct and shoot occasional interviews in northern and northeastern BC.

On a per-shoot contract, the videographer will conduct and record an interview with a selected First Nations or LNG leader, review the raw video with the Alliance, and then edit, caption, and package the recording, and deliver the finished digital product to the Alliance.

The Alliance will select each interviewee and will brief the videographer with some key questions to ask.

The videographer will provide all equipment necessary. The Alliance can also provide intro and extro artwork.

Experience in such video-interview work is essential. The Alliance will be looking for work that at least matches the production standards shown in such examples as these:

Ability to travel with equipment to locations for shoots is also essential.

Applications, with résumé and references, should be sent to by 5 p.m. PDT on 15 May 2021.

Applicants must also provide links to examples of their work on interview packages as described above.

The Alliance will hold and retain all ownership and intellectual-property rights to each video, including assigned copyright and moral right.

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