Next Outreach session Wednesday Sept. 22


On Sept. 22, our fourth Outreach session will introduce you to, and discuss, our coming Guide to Benefit Agreements. It’s a tool designed to help First Nations sort through the ins and outs and 16 critical issues around Benefit Agreements, and build understanding of them.

Speakers will be Dr. Priya Bala-Miller of Palmyra Partners Consulting Inc., Dr. Kevin Hanna of the Centre for Environmental Assessment Research at UBC, and Rick Krehbiel, policy and special assignments expert for the Alliance.

Do join them online on Wednesday Sept. 22, from noon to 1:15pm PDT. It will be open to all and free. You can register here.

Any questions? Do email

Earlier: What can local governments do to help progress on the path to economic reconciliation? What are they doing? What more could they do? What could (and should) senior governments do to accelerate progress?

These things were discussed in our July 28 online outreach session with Dale Bumstead, mayor of Dawson Creek BC, and Charlie Rensby, councillor for Burns Lake BC.

Thanks to all, visitors and panelists, who took part in our second online Outreach session on June 17.

(Updated here 03 Sept. 2021) 



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