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Our newsletter 10 November 2021: 

 Our next online Outreach session

We’ll take a look at progress on LNG projects in our next Outreach session, on Wednesday Nov. 24. It will start 15 minutes earlier than past sessions, and will run from 11:45am to 1pm PST.

We’ll post details on our social-media pages when we have our panel of speakers selected. Meanwhile, here’s how to register:

LNG and women in the trades

Are women getting the opportunity to enter and build careers in LNG, natural gas, pipelines and other areas?

Panelists in our Nov. 3 online Outreach session explored this, and spoke of a range of barriers that hold back women.

For example, Paula Smith of the Your Place training program said: “(Among) the issues that come up when we start talking about trades and employment in the construction  industry, the major contributor is family obligations, as a wife, as a mother.
“Being away from home on shiftwork doesn’t always work. Daycare spots are few and far between. More often than not you have to rely on your family members for support. . . . As well, out in the workplace, it could be an unwelcoming work environment. They often face harassment.”

Hope Regimbald, Indigenous Relations Advisor, LNG Canada, added that there are still “intergenerational, targeted, ways to keep us out of engaging in the economy meaningfully.”

That said, she listed training programs aimed at increasing women’s participation in the trades, and noted that LNG Canada will need “a ton of operators” when its Kitimat plant goes into operation.

“There are training programs that are offered directly through LNG Canada and then there are programs that are supported by LNG Canada. . . It’s been reflected in the number of women that are joining our project, especially Indigenous women. As of September . . . we have 88 Indigenous women working on our project.”

That, she continued, makes up about 26% of LNG Canada’s Indigenous workforce. “And women on our site in general make up 15% of our workforce right now. That’s higher than most construction sites in our country’s history.”


Eva Clayton joins Alliance board

Meet our new board of directors member: Eva Clayton (Noxs Wil Luu-g̱aamiks Hloks) the elected president of the Nisga’a Nation.

She is leading her nation’s major Ksi Lisims LNG project.

She began working with the Nisga’a Tribal Council in the early 1980s, with Nisga’a leaders including Dr. Frank Calder, James Gosnell, and Rod Robinson, while they were actively negotiating what would become the Nisga’a Final Agreement.

Our guide to resource agreements

Have you checked out our Wayfinding Guide to Benefit Agreements? It’s designed to help First Nations sort through 16 critical issues. Explore the guide here:



  • Coming up Nov. 16-18, the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships conference. Speakers include our Alliance chair, Crystal Smith; Chief Sharleen Gale, chair of the First Nations Major Projects Coalition, and Mark Podlasly of the coalition:
  • The First Nations Energy Summit Nov. 22-23 will be an online virtual event. You can register here:

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