Dan George is chair of the First Nations LNG Alliance, and chief of the Burns Lake Band (Ts’il Kaz Koh First Nation) located in northern B.C.

Chief George served as a councillor for four years before becoming chief in 2014, and recently was re-elected for another four year-term.

Prior to being elected by his band, Chief George worked in many resource-development sectors including oil, gas and forestry. He was also a building inspector, inspecting more than 2,500 homes throughout B.C. during his career.

He has also been a volunteer fireman for 16 years, and sits on a number of other boards and committees such as the First Nations Limited Partnership, Carrier Sekani Tribal Council and the Chiefs Committee on Housing and Infrastructure.

Crystal Smith 

Chief Councillor : Haisla Nation

Crystal Smith is the elected chief councillor for the Haisla Nation, located on the northern coast of B.C.
Crystal attended Northwest Community College and has a background in administration.

Over the years she has taken on various roles in the Haisla community including chair of the Haisla Executive Committee and co-chair of the Stakeholder Relations Committee.

Crystal is working within the Haisla Nation to support the membership and to create opportunities for industry and business to invest in Haisla territory.

Erwin Tom

Erwin Tom is a councillor for the Wet’suwet’en First Nation located in northern B.C.

Prior to role with the nation, he was a professional welder. Erwin’s experience includes working on natural gas pipelines in Cold Lake Alberta, in Edmonton, and all across northern B.C.

Erwin also sits on the BOD for Carrier Sekani Family Services, the Upper Fraser Fishing Alliance, and the Burns Lake Native Development Corporation.

Adele Gooding

Adele Gooding, general manager of the Skin Tyee Nation located in northern B.C., was born and raised in Burns Lake BC.

Previously, she worked as an employment and training network coordinator for Skin Tyee Nation and, prior to that, in adult education for many years.

In addition to Ms. Gooding’s work with the First Nations LNG Alliance, she is also a school trustee for School District 91, chair of the Lakes District Aboriginal Training to Employment Society, and board member of the Chinook Community Forest and Pacific Trail Pipelines Aboriginal Skills Employment Partnership.

Robert J. Dennis Sr.

Chief Councillor: Huu-ay-aht First Nations 

Robert J. Dennis Sr. is the elected chief councillor for Huu-ay-aht First Nations, a modern treaty nation on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. He also served previous terms as chief from 1995 to 2011.

Chief Robert also served as chief negotiator for the Huu-ay-aht, from 1996 to 2011.

A logger and fisherman, he has also been a director and shore worker for the Central Native Fisherman’s Co-op. And he has been executive director, building co-ordinator, and program director for the Port Alberni Friendship Centre.