Blog: Where’s the business case for hydrogen?

By KAREN OGEN-TOEWS CEO, First Nations LNG Alliance So Prime Minister Trudeau says there has “never been a strong business case” for liquified natural gas exports from Canada’s East Coast to Europe. “There needs to be a business case,” he added. “It needs to make sense for Germany to be receiving LNG directly from the …

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Blog: Faint hopes for East Coast LNG exports?

As hopes for LNG exports via the East Coast hang in the balance, there were reports that Ottawa and Quebec might both be willing, somehow, to give them a chance. This as political pressure on both governments rose, citing Germany’s pleas for Canadian LNG. National Post reported: “The possible revival of a liquefied natural gas …

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Port Edward LNG ticks the boxes

Port Edward LNG is a planned small-scale LNG plant in BC, but has some giant-scale work to do before it can begin to build on its site. “From a topographical perspective, it’s the side of a mountain,” says President Chris Hilliard. “We have to take a 30-degree slope of solid rock and turn that into …

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Blog: BC LNG: slow progress, but progress

The graphics at the bottom of this page caused us to ask cynically on social media: “Would you say Canada has been a little slow off the mark in the LNG race? A check with the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) shows the U.S. has seven LNG export terminals in operation today (though one …

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