Canada’s emerging LNG industry creates new opportunities for Indigenous communities

Alliance director Clifford White is interviewed by Alberta’s Canadian Energy Centre:  ‘Indigenous people are the caretakers of this planet and we can be a part of making effective change.’ There is a winter spiritual tradition among the members of the Gitxaala Nation of taking a plunge into dark, swirling waters of the Pacific Ocean off …

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Newsletter: The Alliance speaks up for Indigenous LNG. And we link to Equitable Origin.

Our newsletter: 06 June 2024 The Alliance speaks up for Indigenous LNG Karen Ogen, CEO of our First Nations LNG Alliance, was a speaker June 5 at the Indigenous Partnerships Success Showcase event in Vancouver. Her keynote speech included this: “I see a day when First Nations in B.C. are doing far more than monitoring, …

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Gas to Growth: A report by Philip Cross in collaboration with Resource Works and the First Nations LNG Alliance

Our Alliance and Resource Works present a new report by statistics expert Philip Cross. It finds LNG investments boost B.C. and Canadian economies more than other projects: a $4.1-billion investment in B.C. leads to a total increase of $4.5 billion in Canada’s GDP, and thousands of Canadian jobs. It also finds Canada has an opportunity …

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Alliance links up with Equitable Origin

The First Nations LNG Alliance has a new Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with Equitable Origin, a non-profit that certifies natural gas produced to higher social and environmental standards, and supports Indigenous interests. The Alliance and EO will work together to support more equitable and sustainable development of energy resources, including LNG development. Equitable Origin …

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