LNG exports: ‘Win, win, win.’

Our latest newsletter: Our Alliance CEO, Karen Ogen-Toews, on exporting Canadian LNG to Europe: “Canada is selling its natural gas to the United States for $3, they’re turning around and making it into LNG and selling it for $10. . . . We need to get on board. “Trudeau talks about selling a better business …

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Newsletter: They export LNG. We export poutine.

Mozambique, Qatar, Australia, Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, Algeria, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the UAE and the USA are all seizing the opportunity to export LNG. But while Germany pleaded last week for exports of LNG to reduce Germany’s dependence on Russian LNG, our federal government spoke instead of exporting hydrogen, and poured cold water on thoughts …

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Newsletter: LNG Canada to expand?

Our newsletter 04 August 2022 Resolution by LNG Canada and TC Energy of key financial issues around the Coast GasLink pipeline, and growing Asian demand for LNG, have given rise to speculation as to whether LNG Canada will speed up expansion. Market monitors have reported that Shell, the senior partner in LNG Canada, is actively …

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