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Alliance welcomes approvals of Cedar LNG

The First Nations LNG Alliance welcomes the announcements that BC and Canada have approved the Haisla Nation’s $3-billion Cedar LNG project. “This is a tremendous achievement for the Haisla First Nation.”

Cedar LNG gets green lights from governments

Cedar LNG gets green lights from the BC and federal governments, with many conditions. And Haisla Nation tugs are named and blessed.

Looking for opportunities in the LNG field?

To explore information on LNG jobs, and doing business, and possibilities with potential employers and contractors, here are some useful pages:

#Indigenous Law Bulletin sees ‘significant changes’ coming after BC’s agreements with Blueberry River and other First Nations on land management and resource development: #bcpoli #fnpoli

World #LNG News
• China’s purchases of Russian LNG up 52% in year since Ukraine invasion:
• Italy’s new floating LNG import terminal arrives:
• Taiwan looks for LNG after closing nuclear plant:

Canada’s oil and gas sectors employ more Indigenous workers, and provide the highest paying jobs: @WSOnlineNews #cdnpoli #fnpoli #cdnecon

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