Newsletter: NL Nation pushes for Atlantic LNG exports

Our newsletter of 01 September 2023

Chief Mi’sel Joe (above) of the Miawpukek First Nation (a member of our Alliance) has a vision for exports to Europe of LNG from Newfoundland and Labrador, even if Prime Minister Trudeau doesn’t.

The PM declared a year ago that there has “never been a strong business case” for LNG exports from Canada’s East Coast to Europe; he proposed that, instead, Canada ship natural gas to the U.S. so the Americans can turn it into LNG and sell it to Europe.

Chief Joe: “Well, I think that’s a bunch of crap. We have to work on that one. We need to come together with some really good plan to make a presentation to the government.”

And Chief Joe now is pursuing direct discussions by his Nation with the German chancellor.

Karen Ogen CEO

Our Alliance CEO on LNG exports

I see political support for natural gas exports in Australia, Norway, and the United States, who are all growing their production at pace, while we have to fight for the right to develop here in Canada. We will face even more competition for LNG exports, with new American LNG plants in view, and Mexico planning West Coast facilities that would compete with British Columbia LNG.”

That’s Karen Ogen, CEO of our First Nations LNG Alliance, in a story in the national Hill Times, with the headline “Canada’s navel-gazing on energy security needs to stop.”

For subscribers of Hill Times, the full story is here:

One more quote from Hill Times: “As an Indigenous woman, I am also concerned about the environment and the world we will leave for our children. I do not understand those who focus on British Columbia emissions and provincial targets, instead of global emissions and global targets. LNG is an affordable energy source with a fraction of the emissions of coal and has shown beyond doubt since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to be essential to the energy security of our allies.”

  • Should Canada export more energy overseas? Should it prioritize LNG? Check out the answers to those two questions in this poll from Canada Powered by Women:

Coastal GasLink scene

CGL pipe now 97% installed

Coastal GasLink reports 97% of pipe in place, and all 10 major water crossings complete.

“The Morice River crossing was completed using micro-tunnelling, the most technologically advanced form of trenchless crossing, ensuring the environment and valued water resources were protected.”

As well, hydrotesting is now 91% complete — one of the final stages of construction that ensures that the pipe is ready to safely receive natural gas.

Meanwhile, it is reported that LNG Canada has begun discussions with potential contractors in China for building modules for its proposed Phase Two expansion of the Kitimat plant. That would double its output.

Kwikwasut'inuxw Haxwa'mis solar project

Indigenous clean-energy news

  • Charge Solar completes the Kwikwasut’inuxw Haxwa’mis solar project on Gilford Island in BC‘s Broughton Archipelago, offsetting 73,000 litres of diesel consumption annually:
  • New windfarm planned for P.E.I., with Lennox Island First Nation a partner:
  • Progress going well for Cowessess First Nation wind farm in Saskatchewan:
  • Ontario’s Hydro One applies to build $1.2-billion Waasigan Transmission Line, with nine First Nations as partners:
  • Generation Power has internship opportunities in clean energy for Indigenous young people (18 to 30):
  • Bearskin Lake Nation connects to Ontario grid — and turns off diesel generators:


  • TC Energy seeks OK for potential sale of minority interest (perhaps to First Nations) of NGTL gas pipeline system in BC and AB:
  • BC LNG offers once-in-a-generation opportunities for remote First Nations to generate own-source revenues and step towards economic reconciliation:
  • Poll: 66% of Quebecers are in favour of developing and exporting LNG to Europe. Their provincial government has said no, though.
  • Woodfibre LNG commits to ensuring the protection of aquatic life and salmon in Mill Creek.
  • Ottawa pushes clean-electricity regulations, but is it realistic to turn away from natural gas?
  • The LNG industry should do more to fight back against climate activists:





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(Posted here 03 September 2023) 

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