From our friend Stuart McNish at, some video-interviews of First Nations interest:

  • Crystal Smith, chief councillor of the Haisla Nation, on LNG and building ‘a healthy, prosperous, powerful nation.’
  • Ellis Ross, MLA and former chief councillor of the Haisla, on consultation and accommodation on resource projects.
  • David Keane, then CEO of the BC LNG Alliance, on Asian markets for LNG:
  • And from the big 2018 Nation2Nation Forum in Terrace, our Karen Ogen-Toews takes part in a panel discussion on ‘Natural Resources in the Global Context.’

And some other videos on First Nations and LNG in BC:

  • Stellat’en Nation: Chief Archie Patrick welcomes LNG-related development — if it protects the environment and the Nation’s water. In Resource Works’ Homeland Journey video series.
  • Kitsumkalum Nation: Diane Lukasser says that, with LNG on the horizon, ‘finally, things are starting to pick up’ for jobs. Video in Homeland Journey series.