First Nations LNG Alliance highlights opportunities

Story by CKPG Today, Prince George

PRINCE GEORGE – The LNG Canada project in Kitimat and the pipeline project associated with it provide tremendous opportunities for First Nations across the region.
That was the message from members of the LNG Alliance, who were presenting at a job fair in Prince George today.

They urged First Nations to seize the opportunities the project presents and Haisla Chief Crystal Smith says the onus is on the First Nations themselves to seek them out.

“These opportunities and these initiatives, whether it’s educational or right to employment, are there. And order to help realize success, each of our members needs to take ownership and responsibility to take that step.”

She says LNG has been in her backyard for fifty years and the Haisla were always on the sidelines. This project has opened doors.

The word partnership was also used often during their presentation, urging contractors and employers to forge partnerships with First Nations.

The story as it ran on CKPG Today on 14 March 2019 (with video)

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(This item posted here 15 March 2019)