Response to Ottawa: Net zero is a worthy goal, but so is Indigenous reconciliation

The following is a response from the First Nation LNG Alliance to the federal discussion paper “Options to Cap and Cut Oil and Gas Sector Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Achieve 2030 Goals and Net-Zero by 2050.” Ottawa invited “input on the design and implementation of an approach to cap and cut emissions from the sector.” …

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Port Edward LNG ticks the boxes

Port Edward LNG is a planned small-scale LNG plant in BC, but has some giant-scale work to do before it can begin to build on its site. “From a topographical perspective, it’s the side of a mountain,” says President Chris Hilliard. “We have to take a 30-degree slope of solid rock and turn that into …

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Newsletter: How the world needs Canadian LNG

Everyone wins with the expansion of Canadian LNG development, our Alliance CEO, Karen Ogen-Toews, said in an interview with the Alberta government’s Canadian Energy Centre. The story continued: “There can be less international reliance on less responsible producers like Russia, and a reduction in the use of coal that will lower greenhouse gas emissions. “Most …

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Crystal Smith the face of Canadian LNG

(From Natural Gas World at the World Gas Conference) Nearly four years ago, five of the world’s most well-known players on the global natural gas stage sanctioned Canada’s first world-scale LNG export project – the 14mn mt/yr first phase of LNG Canada. Backed by names like global major Shell, Malaysia’s PETRONAS, PetroChina, Korea Gas and …

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