Blog: First Nations leaders in clean energy

As the First Nations LNG Alliance, we naturally follow and share much news about liquefied natural gas, and how it can help bring down global greenhouse-gas emissions. But there’s much more than that on the green-and-clean front, as First Nations — stewards of the environment since time immemorial — take the lead in producing modern …

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Response to Ottawa: Net zero is a worthy goal, but so is Indigenous reconciliation

The following is a response from the First Nation LNG Alliance to the federal discussion paper “Options to Cap and Cut Oil and Gas Sector Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Achieve 2030 Goals and Net-Zero by 2050.” Ottawa invited “input on the design and implementation of an approach to cap and cut emissions from the sector.” …

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Port Edward LNG ticks the boxes

Port Edward LNG is a planned small-scale LNG plant in BC, but has some giant-scale work to do before it can begin to build on its site. “From a topographical perspective, it’s the side of a mountain,” says President Chris Hilliard. “We have to take a 30-degree slope of solid rock and turn that into …

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Newsletter: How the world needs Canadian LNG

Everyone wins with the expansion of Canadian LNG development, our Alliance CEO, Karen Ogen-Toews, said in an interview with the Alberta government’s Canadian Energy Centre. The story continued: “There can be less international reliance on less responsible producers like Russia, and a reduction in the use of coal that will lower greenhouse gas emissions. “Most …

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Crystal Smith the face of Canadian LNG

(From Natural Gas World at the World Gas Conference) Nearly four years ago, five of the world’s most well-known players on the global natural gas stage sanctioned Canada’s first world-scale LNG export project – the 14mn mt/yr first phase of LNG Canada. Backed by names like global major Shell, Malaysia’s PETRONAS, PetroChina, Korea Gas and …

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