Nation from Alberta joins Alliance

The First Nations LNG Alliance welcomes its newest member from Treaty 6, the O’Chiese First Nation, who number approximately 1,600 and are of Saulteaux and Cree ancestry.

The O’Chiese community, which today resides near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, says it takes very seriously its ancestral responsibility of looking after its lands, resources, and people.

“One of the reasons O’Chiese has decided to join The First Nations LNG Alliance is to take back control of, and participate in, conventional oil and gas and other energy extraction and production in its territory. . . . We seek to meaningfully participate in and steward energy development over the entire traditional territory.”

Douglas Beaverbones, elected chief councillor, says: “Historically, we have been shut out of energy production in our own land and that isn’t right.  Today we embark on a path to sovereignty and prosperity within Canadian confederation.”

The nation’s representative on the Alliance board is Councillor Bernadine Coleman.

“As a representative of the O’Chiese to the alliance, I look forward to bringing our values to the development of LNG and other energy supply sources from our territory,” she says.

“LNG will play an increasingly critical role globally to reducing carbon emissions which are on the rise.  I look forward to working with the other members of the Alliance.”

Her nation was welcomed by Alliance CEO Karen Ogen: “On behalf of the FNLNGA board and contractors we welcome the O’Chiese First Nation to our board.  We look forward to working in partnership and collaboration with the nation.”

Photo: Bernardine Coleman

Berardine Coleman, O’Chiese councillor and Alliance board member

(Posted here 09 April 2024)

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