What? No market for LNG?

One thing you can say for BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver: When he takes a position, he can sure stick to it: “I’ve been saying for four years, there is no market for LNG.” And as recently as March 27, he was still on it: “The reason why we have no LNG industry here in …

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Blog: Canada’s slow waltz on LNG

One thing is for sure: The anticipated increase in demand from global LNG customers is fast accelerating activity among LNG suppliers. The U.S. government, for one, is racing to approve a number of new LNG-for-export plants. Two plants are already operating. Eleven more are in the environmental review process, and at least six more are …

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Blog: UNDRIP, and ‘the last word’

It’s all so simple to the person who, discussing LNG development, posted this comment on our Facebook page: “The indigenous have the last word what happens to the land.” Do we? If so, what does ”last word” mean? Whose last word? And how is that last word determined, decided, expressed, and put into practice? We …

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BC LNG: the time is coming

We shake our collective Alliance heads when we get zealous comments such as these posted on our social media channels: “LNG is dead, dead, dead.” “LNG is a thing of the past.” “Do you not understand that LNG is gone and we must move on renewables?” A thing of the past? This is not what …

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The road to energy literacy

It’s easy to define energy literacy as “an understanding of the nature and role of energy in the world and daily lives.” But that definition, from a government education program, then adds a tough twist. It says this understanding must be “accompanied by the ability to apply this understanding to answer questions and solve problems.” …

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