BC LNG jobs: You need four Ds

It takes more than just dreams and desire to get a job in the LNG field in BC. Two more Ds apply: determination and doggedness. LNG-sector employers long ago offered us some tips and questions for job-applicants. They included: “Have you looked into training? Have you done anything about training?” We need look no further than Jesse …

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LNG and the Haisla: Much more than jobs

LNG and the Haisla: Much more than jobs: The coronavirus pandemic has thrown more than a few crimps into work and hiring along the Coastal GasLink pipeline route, and at the LNG Canada site at Kitimat. But CGL expects soon to have some 3,000 people on the job — and employment is still the Number One benefit that the Haisla Nation has received from the LNG projects.

Driver licences: roadblocks and recommendations

We winced when we heard about the Indigenous heavy-equipment operator who drives a long way to and from work every day — with no driver’s licence and thus with no insurance. We were not surprised, though, as in many Indigenous communities in B.C., the number of people with driver’s licences is well below 50 per …

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Karen Ogen-Toews: LNG from Canada: A win for all

The following is a guest column by our Alliance CEO, Karen Ogen-Toews, that appeared in The Vancouver Sun on 01 January 2021: Forty-two. No, not the official answer to the “Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything” from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Instead, the number 42 is of real significance to me, and …

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