Blog: Our LNG should go to Europe, too

Our Karen Ogen says Canada needs to start exporting our LNG — and that includes shipping it to Europe from the East Coast. The CEO of our First Nations LNG Alliance told ‘The Huddle’ podcast from Atlantic Canada: “We’re seeing with the European energy crisis that  Canada is well situated geographically to be able to …

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Blog: Ksi Lisims LNG? Cut the red tape

BC’s Environmental Assessment Office (BCEAO) now is determining the detailed process for its evaluation of the Nisga’a Nation’s Ksi Lisims LNG project. We immediately think of the call by the Surrey Board of Trade for federal, provincial and municipal governments to work together to bring LNG projects online in a timely manner. The Board of …

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Blog: US OKs new competitor for B.C. LNG

We keep a watchful eye on potential competition for overseas sales from our B.C. LNG plants. We usually look south for this — but now we should look northwards as well, because a proposed project in Alaska could match our “natural advantages” in LNG exports. South of us, the U.S. has seven active LNG-for-export plants, …

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Blog: Cedar LNG and First Nations

The Cedar LNG project in BC, led by the Haisla Nation, says it has the strong support of neighbouring Nations. “Years of collaboration and constructive engagement with these Nations have helped to ensure the project will be designed, constructed, and operated responsibly, while providing benefits through construction jobs and contracting, training opportunities, long-term employment, and …

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Blog: BC government still silent on LNG

Our open letter to BC Premier David Eby on Feb. 22, decrying his government’s lack of action on LNG development, drew neither an acknowledgment nor a reply. So there’s still no clear answer as to what the government intends for LNG and, of immediate interest, whether his government is going to approve the proposed Cedar …

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