Blog: Canada’s energy: opportunities lost

By KAREN OGEN Prime Minister Trudeau’s reception of Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio was more than the usual international embarrassment. It was a pair of world-class opportunities cast aside for no apparent reason. Kishida leads a country of 125.5 million people. Although its economy has struggled, Japan remains the world’s third-largest national economy and one …

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Blog: Hydrogen and First Nations: a long haul

It’s 1766. British scientist Henry Cavendish is experimenting in his laboratory. Almost by chance, he discovers something he terms “combustible air.” As The Energy Blog of RWE adds: “Back then, no one suspects that the gas will someday become one of the great hopes of energy supply: introducing hydrogen.” Hydrogen is a darling of clean-energy fans, …

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Blog: Solid support for LNG projects

Solid support for LNG projects Canada Action, ‘an independent, grassroots, non-partisan organization,’ has long been a solid supporter of responsible LNG development in Canada. It was good, then, during the holiday season to see their support for the Nisga’a Nation’s Ksi Lisims LNG project in BC. It came as the Canada Energy Regulator gave Ksi …

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Blog: Morice River crossing to be finished — safely

Coastal GasLink continues to safely advance the tunnel below the Morice River, through which CGL’s natural-gas pipeline will run. CGL reports that the tunneling process is anticipated to be completed this winter, which will mark the completion of all 10 major watercourse crossings on the pipeline route. And the project is showing up the fear-mongering …

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Blog: First Nations leaders in clean energy

As the First Nations LNG Alliance, we naturally follow and share much news about liquefied natural gas, and how it can help bring down global greenhouse-gas emissions. But there’s much more than that on the green-and-clean front, as First Nations — stewards of the environment since time immemorial — take the lead in producing modern …

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