Blog: How ‘Article 6’ could help our LNG exports

Our blog, 29 November 2023 Article 6 of the international Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 spoke of “voluntary cooperation . . .  to promote sustainable development and environmental integrity.” And at least in theory, Article 6 could be used to establish an international co-operative system of credits from emissions-reduction projects, and allow for international trade …

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Blog: Time for a real plan on emissions

The federal government’s climate target for 2030 is a reduction of 40-45% of emissions nationally, compared to 2005 levels. And Ottawa is “committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.” Judging by the latest news, those targets are indeed merely hazy “targets.” As Parliament’s independent Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development reports: “The federal government …

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Blog: Long future seen for Canadian LNG

The Canadian Gas Association sees growing Asian demand — from Japan in particular — for Canadian LNG. And it’s not alone in seeing a long future for LNG: Executives in the natural-gas industry expect strong demand for the fuel in Asia through 2040 and 2050 as countries continue their coal-to-gas switch, and look to meet …

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Thank you, Supreme Court of Canada

Introducing the Impact Assessment Act in 2019, the federal government promised speedier processing of natural-resource projects “through legislated timelines.” It didn’t happen. As the Canada West Foundation reported earlier this year: “The IAA was intended to speed up a cumbersome application process for major infrastructure and resource projects, some of which were in the assessment …

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Blog: New push for Indigenous-equity loans

Campaigns for federal loan-guarantees to help Indigenous Peoples invest in natural-resource projects have long been led by the Indigenous Resource Network and the First Nations Major Projects Coalition (FNMPC). The push now has taken on a new life as there are fears that Ottawa will exclude oil and natural gas from such a loan program, …

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