Blog: BC LNG projects respect environment

Soon after the Ksi Lisims LNG project filed its official project description with regulatory authorities, a knee-jerk letter to the editor appeared on Vancouver Island, decrying the project’s potential impact on the global environment. No mention, of course, as to how the Nisga’a-led project itself plans to be Net Zero within three years, and no …

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Blog: Stand by for more Treaty 8 challenges

The “bombshell” court decision that held BC violated treaty rights of the Blueberry River First Nations is sending shockwaves into other treaty regions — especially in Alberta. Justice Emily M. Burke of BC Supreme Court ruled that decades of “cumulative” resource developments approved by BC infringed on Blueberry rights under Treaty 8 of 1899. Treaty …

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LNG: good for many years yet

We almost enjoy those gloomy predictions that the LNG industry is soon to die; wishful thinking from green enthusiasts that seem to envision that the world will be all-renewables by the middle of next week, and using hydrogen as its primary fuel, world-wide, by the following weekend. The transition to renewables and hydrogen is real …

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