Canadian LNG is Indigenous LNG, a speech by Alliance CEO Karen Ogen

The following is from a speech by Alliance CEO Karen Ogen to the 2024 Creating Energy – Northern Resource Conference at Fort St John BC, on 21 May 2024. Canadian LNG is Indigenous LNG “Creating Energy” is exactly what the First Nations LNG Alliance is trying to do – creating energy for our people, our …

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Blog: An LNG ‘scenario’ is not a ‘forecast’

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has long collected and interpreted statistics, and calls itself “the most authoritative global source of energy analysis and projections.” In recent years, though, the IEA has also taken to painting three-part “scenarios” of possibilities. As others have noted, these scenarios tend to look like this: If current government energy policies …

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Blog: FortisBC wins Indigenous support for LNG projects

With two LNG-related projects in the works, FortisBC has been seeking, and winning, support from affected First Nations. The first project is the proposed further expansion of FortisBC’s Tilbury LNG plant in Delta. Powered by renewable hydroelectricity, the Tilbury facility has been creating lower-carbon LNG since 1971. It was initially designed to store LNG that …

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Blog: Federal loan-guarantee program coming, and welcome

Ottawa’s move to help Indigenous peoples fund investments in natural-resource and energy projects is coming, and, as requested by First Nations leaders, it will allow for equity investment in oil, gas, LNG, and related initiatives. The program was announced in the 2024-5 federal budget this week, with Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland promising that up to …

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