Blog: BC Hydro’s hypocrisy on LNG

BC Hydro made a holier-than-thou post on Twitter on May 4: “‘Natural’ doesn’t mean clean. #FarewellFossilFuels.” It carried the following illustration: Other tweets from Hydro around that time promoted the merits of electric vehicles and home heat pumps. All well and good (the greener the better, of course) but the snide slap at natural gas …

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Blog: Renewable energies: favoured but formidable

We often have to remind non-Indigenous people that Indigenous Peoples do not automatically speak with one voice. Some favour natural-resource development; some do not. Some are for oil and gas pipelines, and some are against. But First Nations people do agree on this: They care for the natural environment. They have done so for countless …

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Blog: First Nations as pipeline owners

TC Energy’s offer to 20 First Nations of 10% equity in the Coastal GasLink pipeline brings to mind the drive by a number of nations to take over ownership of the Trans Mountain pipeline system from its current owner: you, the federal taxpayer. At last count, three First Nations groups were working on Ottawa to …

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Crystal Smith: If Mark Ruffalo cared about First Nations like mine, he’d defend natural gas projects

Our Alliance chair, Chief Crystal Smith of the Haisla Nation, in National Post: If Mark Ruffalo cared about First Nations like mine, he’d defend natural gas projects We have negotiated agreements which have built the Haisla’s capacity to employ our people, to rediscover our language, and to reconnect with our traditional ways Recently the likes …

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Blog: It’s time to get Canada into the world LNG game

Shell’s LNG Outlook 2022 looks at world LNG supply and demand in the future and includes some positive findings: LNG has a key role to play as a reliable and lower-emission energy source, particularly in Asia; Natural gas plays a significant role in progressing net-zero-emissions ambitions. And there is this encouraging world-market vision for LNG …

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