Climate change is a global issue


It is a global responsibility to help reduce the impact by bringing clean energy to the world.

First Nations governance systems


Some hereditary and elected First nations governance systems are at odds on LNG projects; however, both are legitimate systems, and both perform critical functions.

Fracking: Understanding the Process


Hydraulic fracturing (also called fracking) affects many First Nations in northeast British Columbia.

Watch our newest video, Fracking – Understanding the Process, to learn what’s involved in the drilling procedure before fracking even takes place.

Consulting First Nations in Good Faith


In order for any resource development industry to be successful in B.C., industry and government need to work with indigenous communities to ensure objectives are reached on all sides.

Hear First Nations LNG Alliance CEO, Karen Ogen-Toews, Haisla Nation Acting Chief, Crystal Smith andDistrict of Kitimat Mayor, Phil Germuth speak about how meaningful consultation creates the foundation for strong relationships and successful projects.